REPS Fitness and Performance is an appointment-only personal training gym located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I offer 1-on-1 and small group personal training (2-4 people) for both children and adults, as well as sports performance and youth athletic development training.


No matter what your fitness goals are, I have the tools, knowledge, and experience to help you achieve them!


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*By Appointment Only – Please call for availability


“It has been my pleasure to work with Ben as a strength and conditioning professional.  Our first meeting was as members of the same cohort in our Human Movement master’s degree program.  I was impressed by the breadth of his academic knowledge regarding the application of functional anatomy as it relates to strength and conditioning.  Since that point, I have had the chance to work with and watch him in testing, program design, and implementation of exercise programs in a wide variety of clients.  He is as adept at working with complex injuries, as he is at implementing a program for the developing athlete.  Ben possesses a strong understanding of strength and conditioning that can only come from years of study and being “in the trenches,” learning the old fashioned way.  I would highly recommend Ben for his skill as a strength and conditioning professional, and for his sincere and caring personality.”


Paul F, Doctor of Physical Therapy – Tampa, FL

“Ben is a very friendly and professional trainer.  He tailors the program to individual needs and is always ready with modifications if needed.  Very encouraging and supportive.”


Judi  – Green Bay, WI

“I’m so glad I signed up with Ben as my personal 1 on 1 trainer.  He is very professional, knowledgeable, and created a plan for my individual needs.  I also love that it’s a private workout, which helps me stay focused.  He’s definitely worth every penny!”


Rochelle – Green Bay, wi

“Ben is a great trainer.  My daughter, Molly, who has never ever liked working out, looks forward to her sessions with Ben.  And the icing is his fees are absolutely reasonable!”


katie – green bay, wi

“Ben is an amazing personal trainer and great guy.  I’ve been working out with him for a month now and am very pleased with the results.”


ben – green bay, wi

“Went to REPS for the first time this morning for circuit training, and it was phenomenal!  Ben does a great job with a variety of clientele!  I strongly recommend REPS!”


Kyle – Green Bay, wi

Taken from the Green Bay Press-Gazette on high School golfer Owen Nowicki:

     Knowing he needed to add distance, Nowicki started working on his core strength with REPS Fitness and Performance trainer Ben Blundell.
     “It has really helped my game,” Nowicki said.  “I was a real short player coming into it and over the winter added a good 40 to 50 yards onto my game.  It’s helped tremendously.”



“What an amazing place, and an awesome owner/trainer.  ANYone in the Green Bay area looking to get better at their given sport, hobby, LIFE in general, should go see Ben!”


Vince – Milwaukee, WI

“A good gym and a good trainer can be the key to keeping you on a healthy track.  I found both with Ben Blundell and his gym, REPS.  Ben was my trainer in Tampa until he relocated to Green Bay to open REPS. He is dedicated to fitness, stays current on research, and completely focuses on his clients goals. Wondering how I know about his new gym…living in Tampa??? Well, simple, my husband and son, who also trained with Ben, and I traveled to Green Bay after REPS opened, and I once again got to train in a great gym with a great trainer!  I am a healthy fit 58 year old woman…thanks to Ben.”


Susie – Tampa, FL

“Dear Ben,
I am writing this letter to convey my heart-felt appreciation for all your efforts in directing me towards the road to physical fitness.  Despite being a busy cardiologist and achieving success in many areas, I was greatly lacking exercise and physical health.  Besides walking 5-6 miles on Bayshore, I was not doing any other form of exercise.  One day I thought, how can I recommend aerobic exercise and muscle conditioning and training, when I myself was shying away from it?  Ghandi always emphasized on “walking our talk.”  That led me to my encounter with you at your gym in South Tampa.  I was feeling tired at the end of the day with lots of muscle aching.  I was having back pains while wearing my lead apron and doing angiography procedure in the cardiac catheterization laboratory.  My core strength was very low (I can tell it now by comparison).  You took me in your wings, and started with a simple, practical, and effective workout regimen to gradually increase my aerobic capacity and core strength.  You worked around my back and allowed strengthening of muscles of the torso, which led to a better posture, and miraculous relief of my back pain.  I very much liked your tailored approach to work out that varied from day to day based on how I was feeling and how my prior days were like.  For example, if I had done a lot of procedures on the prior days, you focused on my upper body and balance, but  after weekends, you definitely focused on lower body and back work out.  I used to joke around with you about your “fluid” but incredibly effective approach to exercise.  Over the next year, I was hooked on my workouts, as I felt better, walked better, and looked better with a correct posture.  I could now freely advise patients about aerobic and weight training.  Even though I continue to work out at the gym in South Tampa, I am missing the “touch of the master.”  All the best at your gym in Green Bay.  Your clients are very fortunate.”


Saurabh – Tampa, FL