1-on-1 personal training

30 Minute Sessions

Each program begins with a consultation/fitness assessment.  Here, I will get to know you better, discussing your health history, exercise history, nutritional habits, and fitness goals.  Based on the consultation/assessment, I will design the best program to fit your abilities and goals.



Small group personal training

2-4 people, 30 minute sessions

Small group training is more than just an economic alternative to 1-on-1 training.  Not only will you get the benefit of working with a personal trainer at a reduced rate, but working out with others can give you accountability, motivation, and support.  Participants do not have to be at the same fitness levels in order to benefit from group training.  Exercises will be progressed or regressed to fit each individual in the group. 



Youth Athletic Development training

These programs are meant for all children: the ones who play on a team, the ones who play in the yard, or the ones who sit in front of the computer.  Children and adolescents are not miniature adults, and must be trained differently, due to differences in physical growth and stature.  Creating age and developmentally appropriate exercise programs and introducing them into the lives of youngsters will result in positive changes in their long-term sporting success, as well as positive lifestyle adherence.